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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Akihabara at midnight. Drunken salarymen rush home from nearby bars.

TOKYO, December 23 – Many fans of anime and manga have heard about the Japanese nerd mecca called Akihabara ("Akiba"). Supposedly a safe haven for nerdy persuits, it's streets are lined with bright lights, crowded sidewalks, and young Japanese women cosplaying as loli-maids. As it gets closer to midnight, the vibrant store fronts close and the people rush home. The streets become desolate.

The maids have gone home. Only the darken cafes and maid dresses remain.

Shinji, Rei, and Asuka are imprisoned behind the storefront shutters of a closed pachinko parlor.

Sofmap. Nicknamed "Electric Town" Akihabara didn't seem too "electric". On another note, Final Fantasy 13 is currently getting the most aggressive marketing push in the district.

Taito Station was still open, but there were no players.

Some stoic teddy bears watch the empty sidewalks at Taito Station.

Idle anime and manga themed vending machines near the entrance of Comic Toranoana.

Octopus Grill and Crepes stands were still open for business.

Yummy, plastic display food. It's just like the real thing.

MaiDreamin Maid Cafe. Where have all the loli-maids gone?

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