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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alfa, a Supergirl Rockstar

NEW YORK, August 4 – Alfa Garcia joined other singer/songwriters at the Bitter End (147 Bleecker Street) for a mellow evening of unplugged tunes. The event was called the Songwriter's Circle, and its purpose is the promotion of local indie musicians in the vein of James Taylor and Norah Jones. The format of the event was basically a round-robin. Each performer played a song and passed the spot light to the next performer. Alfa managed to perform three songs including “Supergirl" and "Isabelle".

The striped down nature of the event played to Alfa's strengths as a performer and a songwriter. Despite some of her modest comments about her own music, Alfa masterfully performed everything from a sweet candy pop tune to a rustic familial love song. Her engaging musical stylings revealed an honest emotional vulnerability which was very refreshing. In addition, Alfa's vocals are amazingly understated. They gently demand your attention and proceed to slowly envelop your senses. She was pretty awesome.

Alfa recently released her debut independent LP, "Second Skin". It is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Check for more information and performance dates. She is playing several dates in New York and a single date at the Kollaboration's Acoustic 3 Concert in Los Angeles.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

All Points West Festival 2009

JERSEY CITY, August 2 – I came for the Echo and the Bunny Men and staid for the Coldplay and MGMT.

Outdoor Music Festivals = Mud

Echo and The Bunnymen performing "The Killing Moon"

Coldplay performing "Yellow" (with large yellow balloons filled with confetti)

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