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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Alfa Garcia Experience

(Right to Left) Jon McElroy, Zach Jones, and Alfa

New York, August 18 – I’ve seen Alfa Garcia perform at several venues in New York City, and they were all solo efforts. However, her performance at the Living Room included a three piece band. Band? This was an interesting turn of events. I’ve never heard the entire band perform live before tonight.

What’s the name of the band? The name on the venue’s bill was “Alfa Garcia”. So, is the band named “Alfa Garcia” too? “The Alfa Garcia Band” sounds too plain. I was just brainstorming names for her band, and I came up with a few suggestions. Something classy like:
    The Alfa Garcia Experience. (Are you Alfa experienced?)
    The Alfa Starship
    Alfa Maneuvers in the Dark (AMD)
    Alfa Supply
    Alfa Turner Overdrive (ATO)
    The Alfa-heads (a la Eraserheads)
    Alfa and the Giant Peach
    Alfa in Chains
    Rage Against the Alfa
    A Girl Named Alfa
    Alfa Lives Underwater
    Our Lady Alfa (OLA)
    Alfa Garcia Versus the World

Anyway, Alfa’s performance was pretty amazing. Most of the guitar driven songs included the entire band, and the delicate piano ballads were performed solo. She frequently switched between the piano and the band, which kept the arrangement and the live show kinetic.

The band did a brilliant job of providing Alfa with a rhythm section. Mister Zach Jones provided some spot-on drumming and background vocals. Mister Jon McElroy jammed on both an electric and an acoustic stand-up double bass.

Some of the highlights of the performance were “Second Skin”, “Home to Me”, and “Love as Tragedy”.

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