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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Black Saturday: Lolita And Maid Fashion Day At Kinokuniya

NEW YORK, June 7 — On a hot and humid Saturday (94 Degrees Fahrenheit), Kinokuniya (1073 Avenue of the Americas) hosted Lolita And Maid Fashion Day. Only the most dedicated loli-goths and maid enthusiasts would wear long black dresses in ninety degree weather, and they did. They showed up in huge numbers. I was a little surprised at the dense crowds.

Lolita And Maid Fashion Day was sponsored by Kinokuniya, Del Rey Manga, New York Anime Festival, Samurai Beat Radio, and Viz Pictures.

I only stayed in the morning, therefore I can not comment on the afternoon programming. I can only blog about the cosplay costumes in the morning, which is mostly a visual exercise. So, here's a thumbnail gallery of some cosplayers:

While enjoying the cosplay atmosphere, I ran into Peter Tartara, Programming Manager for the New York Anime Festival. He was working the crowd and playing the Master of Ceremonies role. It was really cool to see him at work. I also talked to the ever lovely Petrina, Peter's girl. She was really chill.

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