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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happyfunsmile Christmas: New York Anime Festival After After Party!

Happyfunsmile at Forbidden City

NEW YORK, December 12 — Brian and the entire crew at Happyfunsmile rocked the Forbidden City Bar and Lounge (14th Street & Avenue A). This was their last performance of the year, and they were in great form. They played three fantastic sets of Okinawan pop.

Peter Tartara, the Programming Manager of the New York Anime Festival, declared this the "After After Party" of the convention. I met up with Peter and Petrina at the bar. They introduced me to Newton, another alumni of Central Park Media. They were very cool. We traded anime convention war stories with each other. It was great fun.

After the first set, Ame, Detour Noir Studios writer and artist, rolled into the bar with a couple of friends. They joined me at the bar. We enjoyed the Happyfunsmile music with hard liquor and good food. Happy Holidays to Happyfunsmile and everyone at the Forbidden City!

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