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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mister Gray [EDITED]

NEW YORK, December 13 — It was a frost covered Thursday night. Everything was either slushy or covered in ice. I slowly made my way to the train station with cautious steps. I rode the subway train to 14th street (near Union Square) and disembarked the train. I walked a few more ice covered blocks north to Tibet House (near 15th Street and 6th Avenue).

Tibet House was hosting Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power, Martin Gray's new gallery show. I fought the icy elements in order to attend this gallery opening and book signing. Gray had traveled all over the planet in order to photograph the world's most sacred sights. He had some fascinating work. Many of his photographs focus on Buddhist and Eastern subjects like Buddhist statues, temples, and sacred mountains. His work interested me.

As I was leaving, I did run into Kyra and Ganden on the stairs. They are two of my dearest friends. I talked to them briefly before going home. It was good to see them again. At least my ice storm gallery trip ended on a good note.

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