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Thursday, October 21, 2010

NYCC 2010: Everyday is Like GR Sunday

Giant Robot Invades

New York, October 10 – The last day at New York Comic Con was much calmer, and I saw more children in the crowd. My game plan for most of the day was booth duty. I spent most of the day answering questions and promoting Giant Robot Magazine.

Sho'nuff visits the Giant Robot Booth

The booth had many different visitors. Most of the visitors to our booth were young artists looking to get involved with Giant Robot. I had long running conversations about Superflat, street graffiti, and the current art scene. I even ran into a few David Choe fans. They were hoping that Dave was going to be at the booth. Unfortunately I had to give them the bad news. On the other hand, younger booth visitors were looking for recommendation about everything. I was dispensing recommendations for anime, manga, Asian cinema, J-rock, and other related topics.

I also provided some reassurance to Giant Robot fans and readers. Many were concerned about the closing of the Giant Robot New York Store. I was sincerely grateful at the strong loyalty of GR readers. They were awesome.

The Last Panels Standing

After I finished manning the booth, I hastily made my way to some the late panels on the NYAF side.

Evan Minto, Faces of Anime Panel

Evan Minto (Ani Gamers) conducted a interesting panel on character designs in Anime. His presentation had depth and insight on some of the significant characters designs from Osamu Tezuka (手塚 治虫) to Moe (萌え). If you want to listen to the panel, check out NYAF 2010 Panel Audio – The Changing Faces of Anime « Eeeper's Choice Podcast.

Kate and Alain, Anime Recruitment

At roughly the same time, Alain and Kate from Reverse Thieves hosted a panel on the introduction of anime to non-fans. Their panel was packed with a huge crowd. The give-and-take between the crowd and the panelists was lively especially the Q&A portion.

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