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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Otakon 2010: 5 Pounds Per Second

Press Conference with the creative team behind Welcome to the Space Show. (Right to Left) Masashi Ishihama, Koji Masunari, and Tomonori Ochikoshi

Baltimore, August 1 – The centerpiece for Otakon 2010 was the US premiere of Welcome to the Space Show (宇宙ショーへようこそ). It was an original animated feature film by A-1 Pictures Inc. I attended the movie screening with a bunch of friends including bloggers, podcasters, and press. I will probably write a full review of the movie for the next issue of Giant Robot Magazine.

At the screening, I sat a couple of seat away from Gerald Rathkolb (Anime World Order). He had recently purchased five pounds of fudge. I was befuddled by his culinary decision. I don't know what possesses a man to buy so much fudge. Was he trying break some competitive eating record? He repeatedly insisted that he got a great deal.

Gerald, who is incapable of ingesting so much sugar, proceeded to give away large chunks of the chocolate confection. Some people didn't want any part of his madness. They either refused outright or tried to hand their piece of fudge to me. I didn't want to be inhospitable, so I had a small piece.

1 Pound of Fudge


The convention also featured some very creative and elaborate cosplay outfits. Here are some of my favorites:

Bahamut from Final Fantasy (ファイナルファンタジー)

Big Trouble in Little China cosplay group.

This is a complete guess: Vocaloid Cosplay?

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