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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Farewell to Giant Robot New York with Goh Nakamura

Right to Left: Goh Nakamura and Gary Wang

New York, September 12 – Devoted Giant Robot fans braved the harsh rain to attend a farewell event at the Giant Robot New York store. The store is scheduled to close on September 23. The farewell event began with a signing by David Choe and ended with a set by Goh Nakamura.

I rushed over to the East Village to attend the double headliner event. The delayed subway trains and the heavy rain slowed my progress. So, I arrived pretty late. I walked into the small store front and encountered Goh’s acoustic guitar. Neither Dave nor Goh were present. I overheard people saying that they went to some barbecue joint down the block. I probably just missed them and decided to hang out.

Click on the image for higher resolution.

At around 5:45 PM, a wet Goh Nakamura made his appearance. As he was setting up his rig, he was joined by Gary Wang on electric bass. The San Francisco based singer-songwriter proceeded to create some bizarre acoustic guitar alchemy. He ran his ¾ acoustic axe through multiple effects pedals including chorus, reverb, phase shifters, and etc. The resulting sound was mixture of traditional acoustic folk guitar and experimental rock. On some of his songs, Goh would sing into the sound hole of his guitar and run his vocals through the various effects pedals. It was a pretty cool set.

Some of the highlights of his performance were “Somewhere”, “Surrogate Valentine”, and a cover of “Just like Heaven”.

At various times during Goh’s performance, David Choe would occasionally peek through the store window to watch. Goh was completely unaware of Dave’s haunting presence until someone mentioned it. Goh replied, “Awesome… sweet.”

He finished his set with a cover of The Invisible Cities' "Shooting Star". However, Goh didn’t know the lyrics except for the chorus. He improvised the rest with some funny lines like, “I will be your curly fries.”

You can find more videos of Goh Nakamura's performance at the Blog's Youtube Channel.

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