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Friday, February 5, 2010

Yumi Kori's Wind and Lightning Installation

NEW YORK, February 4 – Yumi Kori, an artist and architect, held a small gallery exhibition at The Robert Lehman Gallery (Urban Glass) in Brooklyn. The exhibition is titled Matsukaze (Wind Passing Through the Pine Trees), and it consisted of six handcrafted glass vessels. Each vessel had filaments attached to both ends which effectively turned each glass sculpture into light bulb.

In Kori’s glass pieces, the electricity arced across the entire glass vessel creating an interesting electrical display. The variation in brightness and pattern were controlled by switches that regulated the voltage. Each piece had a unique pattern of dancing electrical current, and the variations were subtle. The artist admits that her control over the electrical patterns were very limited.

In order to enhance the light installation, the exhibition space was pitch black except for a soft powder blue glow that emanated from Kori's glass work. After my eyes adjusted to the low light levels, the lighted glass sculptures seemed brighter and more transformative of the dark space.

As an architect, Kori had worked with glass as a building material for larger structures. However, the current exhibition had allowed her work with the glass on a more intimate level.

Yumi Kori said that she was always interest in the qualities of glass as a material, but this was the first time that she has played with the medium directly.

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