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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

P.I.C Sounds Sweet at the Bitter End

NEW YORK, June 27 — It was busy night in the West Village. The weather was nice, and everyone was outside. They were roaming the streets looking for an excuse to party. A small group of New Yorkers found a legendary bar and stage called the Bitter End (147 Bleecker Street).

At approximately 10:30 PM, P.I.C occupied the bar's tiny stage with a sizable seven piece band. They proceeded unleash their own unique blend of ska, funk, and hip hop. A sweet infectious sound filled the room, and it was jumping. They played a strange sonic concoction that was carefully designed to bob heads and move hips. Before the night was over, they had the back of the bar on their feet.

Some of the highlights included songs like “PB&J”, “Timonium”, and “Old Sole”.

At the end of their forty-five minute set, they closed strong with one of their best tunes, “Fonzarelli (Arthur’s Theme)”.

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