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Monday, October 8, 2007

Laziness and Humidity

NEW YORK, October 8 — Damn, I've been really lazy lately... Grrr. It doesn't help that the weather in New York is hovering in the high 80s (degrees Fahrenheit) with humidity in the 80% range. It's October! Frickin' October people. I think Al Gore was right about the whole global warming thing.

It also doesn't help that my custom built PC is constantly over heating. It makes the whole place five degrees higher than the outside temperature. Don't ask about the cooling system. It works. I've pushed the limits of air cooled systems. The next step is the water/liquid cooled units. I'm fighting the urge to move to a liquid system. If I have a cylinder of water near my desk, I might get the idea to drink from it.

I've fallen into procrastination mode. I've got to fight my reckless laziness. I've got to be more productive! Here is a picture of my desk:

I'm working on my current graphic novel project. I didn't pencil the work. I'm doing layouts and inking.

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