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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sleepy Hunger.

NEW YORK, July 23 — I'm not sure if I'm sleepy or hungry. Maybe, I'm both. I found the perfect remedy to these vile primitive cravings. The Sushi Pillow. It's sushi. It's a pillow. It's a sushi pillow. The Original Sushi Pillow.

"Salmon Nigiri" by the original sushi pillow

They have different styles of sushi pillows like rolls, nigiri, and appetizers. The prices range from roughly $40-$70 per pillow. There is also a Summer Special on the Original Sushi Pillow website. It's FREE SHIPPING within the United States. Now, there's is no excuse not to have a sushi pillow.

The "Salmon Nigiri" is my favorite sushi pillow. I like the fat lines that ran through the salmon piece. It is down right cool, jack.

"The Edamame Body Pillow" by the original sushi pillow

A close second is the "edamame body pillow". I need to get the "edamame body pillow" to complete my entire bedroom set. Don't ask me, "Why a full grown man needs a body pillow?" I just do, okay!

James Leung Man-Fai

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