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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Welcome to the NHK, Newcastle United, and Neverwinter Disappointment

NEW YORK, December 26 — Staying cool...  

The weather has been erratic in New York City.  Messed up...

ANIME: Welcome to the NHK

This is the real face of the otaku (esp. NEET and hikikomori).  Ronery, sad, anti-social, paranoid, perverted, and addiction ridden adult children.  Wikipedia's description of the plot: "The story follows Tatsuhiro Sato, a university dropout entering his fourth year of unemployment. He leads a reclusive life as a hikikomori, feeling that this happened due to some sort of conspiracy."

I was afraid that Studio Gonzo was going to do a terrible adaption.  However, they created a good show.  This is a story of developing characters.  Gonzo does a good job at defining the main characters: Sato, Misaki, and Yamazaki.

They have made several changes in order to make it acceptable for television.  The biggest change is the removal of the drug use.  I don't judge Studio Gonzo too harshly on these changes because they successfully juggle comedy and uncomfortability.  Those are the two most important elements of the Welcome to the NHK story.

The only problem with Welcome to the NHK story is the grounding.  It assumes that the viewers have some knowledge of otaku, Neets, Hikikomori, anime, manga, date sims, mo-e, MMORPGs, internet suicide groups, lolicon, and other related subjects.

You can watch Welcome to the NHK through fansubs.  They are available on YouTube and Bittorrent.  

Newcastle Return to Form

Newcastle is roaring back with the current win streak.  They were second to last in mid November 2006.  Now, they're in the middle of the pack.  Damn, I hope they can maintain this winning tempo. 

Neverwinter Week

I finished Neverwinter Nights 2 in only a week.  The single player campaign was pretty lame.  It was a weak version of Baldur's Gate 2 with D&D 3.5 Rule Set.  The gameplay was weak.  The camera angles are annoying, and the games is a resource hog.  It was a disappointment.  Furthermore, the high system requirements might hinder the growth of the mod community and multiplayer persistent worlds.  I already uninstalled it.

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